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We understand the importance of a meaningful way to pay tribute to a beloved friend and member of your family. Our On-Line Pet Memorial Park allows you to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of your treasured pet.
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Her first day home Sally
Sally entered our home after the loss of my son's mother to provide comfort and another source of love. She was a pet rescue and became a loving member of the family until one night when it was discovered too late that she ate the tinsel from our Christmas tree. Sally, we miss you.
Kylee's Beautiful Urn Kylee
Kylee was one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. We miss him dearly every day but know he is watching down on us. I thank Michael and Cherished Memories so much for his professionalism and kind heart through this whole process. Michael was able to deliver Kylee back to us in the beautiful custom urn that we'll forever have to remember him with. We love you Kylee!!
Rileigh was born across the street from me before the start of my freshman year of high school. Since it was also my birthday, I used the opportunity to beg my mom to get her for me, saying it was fate that she was born on my birthday. She has been constantly by my side for 10 years, always nudging my hand when I'm not giving her all of my attention or just simply dropping her beloved tennis ball at my feet and staring at me until I threw it. Rileigh was diagnosed with cancer and all too soon I had to let her go. She was the best friend and dog a girl could ask her and I will miss her every day.
Little Baby Sophie Sophie
Sophie was just a little kitten, she passed away from congenital problems. Sophie was just 3 lbs but she would skip to the kitchen for cans of kitten food at least 6 times a day. Miss you little Sophie. :-)
SELFLESS.....that is how I can BEST describe my Service Dog, KALI. My ever-constant shadow who had an amazing GIFT (from God of course) to detect ahead of time my seizures. She was not only my Lifeline literally, she gave me back many of the things that epilepsy stole from me. I was able to raise my twin girls independently in my own home & I enjoyed many of my hobbies with the security of knowing that she would know what to do for me if I had a seizure. You Ali girl are FOREVER apart of our lives, we MISS you but we know that we will one day see you again. The girls wanted me to tell you to stop eating the cats food in heaven ! :) Harley has taken over your bed and Luca is thankful he has more food in his kitty bowl on a regular basis, but they both continue to look for you. As I gave you your final command "FREE" ~ You are still to behave Yourself ! WE LOVE YOU and THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATED YEARS OF SERVICE. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS GIRL ! <3
look at that bug mommy Sabrina
Sabrina almost left this world at 3weeks old when the dogs found her. I took her to vet. and she had some ribs and right front arm broken.I had to become her mommy. I am a truck driver and she became my little tucking companion for the next 7 yrs.We were together everyday! The last 10 yrs. She stayed home and it wasn't the same out there on the road without her. At least I could come home to her.She developed a nasal tumor and went to kittie heaven.I miss her and pray to be with her again one day.♡♥♡
I got Jazzie when I was 12 years old and just lost her this last year. She was my absolute best friend and I cannot wait till the day that we are reunited once again.
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear will always be loved. She was born in Arizona and enjoyed living in Florida. She gave us so much happiness with her unconditional love. She will always be missed!
It was my wife?s birthday and we didn?t have a whole Lot of money for me to get her something Nice and the one thing I remember her always asking me for was a big dog. I went down to the Humane Society with her so that she could pick out the dog she wanted for her birthday all the dogs were barking growling scratching at the fences and as we walked down the aisle there was one particular pump that was sitting nicely on her hind I went down to the Humane Society with her so that she could pick out the dog she wanted for her birthday all the dogs were barking Gralin scratching at the fences and as we walked down the aisle there was one particular pup that was sitting nicely on her butt not making a sound I pointed at her and told the worker that?s the dog I want not knowing anything about her she was quiet and seemed peaceful we loaded her up in my truck and we went fishing and she stuck by my side the whole time 16 years later it was evident she was my dog and to me she was my little girl at 168 pounds
Remi was the dog that loved everyone. Once you pet her you were best friends for life. I got her when I was stationed at Ft Lewis by chance of a newspaper add. She went with me to every duty station in my 13yrs in the Army, lived with my mom for a while too. She was my first born, best friend, therapy and emotional support with everything going on in my life. Its so hard to be in my house without thinking I'll see her at any turn. My 2 daughters miss her, everyone misses her. She was the best ever

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